The Art and Science of Changing You

squiggly line with a quote from Paolo Freire that says: The process of learning...can set off in the learner an ever-increasing creative curiosity.

This evidence-based self-paced course teaches you the fundamentals of behavior change and is based on thousands of conversations with clients and social science practitioners that have informed our work. This course was born at the first TEDx convening on identity in Palo Alto where a group of leading artists, scientists, and innovators came together to consider the qualities, beliefs, DNA, environment, experiences and choices that make an individual or group unique. Our founder gave the closing talk, which you can watch above, and the feedback from this talk led to one of our most popular workshops: The Art and Science of Changing You.

This FREE course will be available in the Fall of 2024. If you are interested in taking it, sign up to our blog to find out when it becomes available.