Imagination Ignites Intention

Blue Flower

Everyone needs a personal studio to power their behavior change. We created one for you.

Our Story

For over 15 years we have worked with people to shift behavior and culture. Now we are democratizing our offerings and making our methods and practices available to everyone. Think of us as your creative partner in bridging the gap between the art and science of behavior change for individuals and collectives.

Our History

Truth Aid Impact was born from doctors working in the South Bronx to treat HIV/AIDS at a time when behavior change programs were ignoring patients' lived experiences with violence. Developing new methods, practices, and language that addresses the full truth in patients' lives led us to develop a new approach to changing behavior that targets the social barriers to wellbeing with a focus on power.

This new website is the first time we are sharing the learning from our 15-year experience for public consumption. We plan to share various resources, including media, we have produced to transform the way people understand wellbeing and health. We will be updating the website in phases to include these various resources.

In 2024, this work is also expanding to include a podcast called The Fragile Real which is a show about the blurry boundary between imagination and reality and its relevance for producing the future.

Our Mission

Truth Aid Impact is a not-for profit consultancy and studio that supports organizations, artists, scientists, and policy makers to reimagine the future using media and research. We believe storytelling provides a basis for transformation that is rooted in our common humanity and radical learning. Combining insights from social science research and our artistic practice, we design programs and incubate stories to shift perspectives and create new practices that heal the world one story at a time.