Healing Hard History

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Healing Hard History is a social listening research project that follows the conversation audiences are having after watching the documentary feature film THE COST OF INHERITANCE.

What is The Cost of Inheritance about?

THE COST OF INHERITANCE is an America ReFramed hour-long documentary that explores the complex issue of reparations in the United States using a thoughtful approach to history, historical injustices, systemic inequities, and the critical dialogue on racial conciliation. Through personal narratives, community inquiries, and scholarly insights, it aims to inspire understanding of the scope and rationale of the reparations debate. It is currently streaming on PBS, PBS app, WORLD, and YouTube. Watch it now.

Where can I learn more?

Download the community education guide that was created for screening the film. The goal is for you to engage in productive dialogue around the ideas presented in the film and establish options for further action and education. Click to download.

Watch the Meet the Makers recording to learn more about the film:

Watch the Beyond the Lense feature to hear more from the World Premiere of the film at Doc NYC.